Water Damage Photo Gallery

Frozen Pipes Causing Water Damage

Run the Faucet They Said

Flooded basement due to frozen pipes have you feeling like a Viking?

Remember running your faucet may not be the only preventative measure needed to avoid frozen pipes so be sure to take other measures if possible to be sure. 

Check out our blogs for more information on preventing frozen pipes this winter.

Flooded Basement

Swimming Pool in Basement

Swimming pools are great and all but not in your basement. So when disaster strikes remember that SERVPRO offers 24 hour emergency services 365 days a year. Just call us at (603)669-7733

Slow Leak From Hot Water Tank

Faulty Hot Water Tank

This hot water tank had a slow leak for an undetermined amount of time causing water damage to basement carpets, walls and trim. SERVPRO of Manchester-East went in and removed all affected areas including carpet. Dehumidifiers and fans were set up until excess moisture was gone.

Floor mats system set up on Cherry hard wood floor

Floor mats system being used on drying hardwood floor

A washing machine had a slow leak when the customer was on vacation. This during photo shows the floormats system set up on the cherry hardwood floor after the loss happened. SERVPRO of Manchester-East was called to deal with the damage. The owner of the property was amazed by the result. All affected cupped cherry hardwood floors were able to go back to flat. 

The Dri-Eaz® Rescue Mats set up easily and work fast to dry hardwoods from above. It's the perfect solution for completing your hardwood floor drying system. Ideal for spot drying, the Rescue Mat System is durable and easy to use. 

SERVPRO of Manchester-East is 24-hour emergency response and restoration service providers. 

Call SERVPRO of Manchester-East at (603)-669-7733

Water tank leaking in the basement

This water damage happened in the finished basement caused by the water tank. The homeowner noticed the water on the laminate floor the next day morning when he woke up. The customer turned off the water main by himself, then called SERVPRO of Manchester-East. SERVPRO of Manchester-East crew responded really fast and did emergency services to the customer during the weekend. The owner couldn't believe how fast we responded to him and how quickly SERVPRO of Manchester-East finish the whole mitigation process.

Call SERVPRO of Manchester-East at (603)-669-7733

Basketball court flooded caused by hot water tank leaking

This water damage happened in the basketball court at one of the local Manchester high school. Maintainece people called SERVPRO of Manchester-East right after the water pipe fixed. SERVPRO of Manchester-East professional water remediation team reacted to the customer with fast response and took care of everything. 

SERVPRO of Manchester-East is 24-hour emergency response and restoration service providers. SERVPRO has educated the insurance industry regarding the effect of prompt service, and Franchises provide a nationwide commitment to “1-4-8” response times. Contact the customer within one hour of notification. Begin work within four hours. Provide a preliminary scope and ScanER® update to the insurance adjuster within eight business hours.

Call SERVPRO of Manchester-East at (603)-669-7733

Basement washing machine leaked

This loss was caused by the washing machine. Water hose disconnected from the washing machine. Water went all over the basement floor. Luckily, it was an unfinished basement, and none of the structural material was wet. However, the customer had a lot of content in the basement that was affected by the water damage. Soon after the hose was fixed, the customer called SERVPRO professional team. SERVPRO took care of everything and dried everything onsite in only 2 days. The Customer was really happy about SERVPRO Manchester-East's quick response and professional performance.

Kitchen ceiling soaked

This picture shows that the water damage happened on the top floor, water went through the top floor down to the kitchen ceiling and floors. As picture shows, kitchen ceiling was sagging,and paint was pealing. Customer, called SERVPRO immediately after the loss happened. SERVPRO professional team only took about half an hour to get mitigation process started.

Water heater pipe burst in the finished basement

This house's basement has one gas heat unit with indirect water tank. Water tank leaked cause the basement flooded. Homeowner, found out there's couple inches of water in the basement when they back from the vacation. They called SERVPRO immediately, and this before and after photo only takes about 3 days. 

Finished basement flooded

This was a finished basement, heating pipe burst caused this basement flooded. SERVPRO crew showed up really fast after the loss happened. Homeowner was really amazed by how fast SERVPRO crew pump out  the water out of his basement.