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Negative Air Scrubbers to Clean Hospital of Covid 19 virus

Air Scrubbers for Catholic Medical Center for Covid 19

Negative Air Scrubber to clean your property from Covid 19

Commercial property water damage

This picture shows a water damage in one of the commercial buildings in Manchester, NH. Water heater let go on the weekend. The homeowner called SERVPRO of Manchester-East right after the pipe fixed. There were 4-5 inches standing water when SERVPRO of Manchester-East emergency response team showed up. The owner of the property couldn't believe how fast and completely we were able to extract the water and finish the whole water mitigation process.

SERVPRO of Manchester-East is 24-hour emergency response and restoration service providers. SERVPRO has educated the insurance industry regarding the effect of prompt service, and Franchises provide a nationwide commitment to “1-4-8” response times. Contact the customer within one hour of notification. Begin work within four hours. Provide a preliminary scope and ScanER® update to the insurance adjuster within eight business hours.

Call SERVPRO of Manchester-East at (603)-669-7733

Commercial property water damage

This flooded office in Raymond, NH was the result of a broken base heating board pipe. Water went all over the second floor down to the first floor. First-floor ceiling was all wet and started falling apart. Carpet on the first floor was all saturated. The owner of the property couldn't believe how fast SERVPRO of Manchester-EAST finished the job“Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Manchester-East at (603)-669-7733

Manchester local restaurant toilet overflowed

You absolutely don't want go into a restaurant that has sewage damage, or overflowed toilet. This picture shows one of the local restaurant had overflowed toilet, the sewage water went all over the bathroom floor, also got walls wet. As soon as the owner got the sewer pipe fixed, owner of this restaurant called SERVPRO of Manchester-East. SERVPRO crew took a very quick action. Finished the whole mitigation process only in two days.

Commercial building toilet overflowed

Toilet overflowed in one of the office building at Manchester. Sewage water went all over the floor and got most of the wall wet. SERVPRO crew showed up after the loss happened. Sensitized and cleaned the entire bathroom, also removed affected drywall 2 feet up. Owner of the propertied was really happy after SERVPRO crew finished the mitigation process.

SERVPRO Commercial drying equipment

This custom-made SERVPRO® branded all-in-one trailer is the most compact package unit we have produced. It has a total length of  25' 4" and a GVWR under 15000 lbs

Versatile features for franchises looking to up their restoration capabilities. Branded trailer-with a 5000 CFM desiccant dehumidifier, a 125kW generator, and lots of storage.  The 70950 Starter Kit with ducting and cam connectors are included. 

The diesel generator is Tier 4F and CARB certified - compliant everywhere. Directly couple the generator to the desiccant or Disconnect from the desiccant and run as a stand-alone generator.

Water heater pipe burst in the Church

A water heater pipe burst causing this Church in Manchester to flood. SERVPRO of Manchester-East was called in for an emergency water damage restoration. SERVPRO of Manchester-East crews only took less than an hour to show up on the job site and set up the needed equipment to control the environment and prevent the further damages.